Antique Plastering LLC is a professional plaster mason serving contractors and homeowners in Connecticut and Rhode Island and we keep current on all regulations, so you do not have to worry because when we do plastering, it is done so well that the common problems cannot occur. Hire a professional who does the job right the first time. Then, you can just enjoy your home, as it should be.

Since 1986, we have been performing the highest quality work. You need to hire a highly-skilled craftsmen to do traditional plasters, drywall and painting. As a licensed, bonded and insured contractor, we offer general plaster repair work, priming and full finishing, including interior painting. We provide utmost professionalism and personalized resurfacing services for walls and ceilings. We are specialists at fire and water damage restoration and can make your walls and ceilings look like new.

Our custom services Include:

  • All types of painting and prep work,

  • Repair or replace plaster and drywall of all kinds,

  • Restore or reproduce existing plaster,

  • Ornamental plaster restoration and decorative moldings,

  • Plaster over old walls and ceilings that are badly damaged,

  • Texture ceilings and stucco,

  • Veneer Plaster: Basecoat and white coat plaster is applied over new blue board,

  • We restore 18th century to 20th century plaster restoration.  

Antique Plastering LLC specializes in the restoration and renovation of historical buildings (plastering, painting and decorative painting) as well as new construction (new plastering and painting), and residential homes. Need a qualified pro to do the work? Contact us.